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As part of the celebration of National Library Week, and in anticipation of World Book Day on 23 April, the Lebone Centre recently welcomed an exciting new addition to their Literacy Programme. They launched a custom-designed Book Box, purchased from the Shine Literacy Project in Cape Town with funds donated by Global Business Solutions from East London. Bright yellow in colour, with a door that swings open on hinges and plenty of display and storage space for books, it provides the ideal vehicle for a rich but contained collection of children’s books.

The box is secured with locks and can be moved around on its wheels. The children of the Little Red Dragon Preschool and the After-Care Enrichment Programme waited with great anticipation as the ribbon was cut, and then fell with excitement upon the colourful new books that were revealed. The Centre provided some of the books, but a very generous donation was also received from the Shine Project. Titles range from non-fiction reference books to fairy tales, South African stories and picture books for the young ones. It is the intention of the Lebone Literacy Programme to use the Shine Book Box in a variety of ways: for story hours in the Preschool, during the Nal’ibali Reading Club sessions for the After-Care children, for its Moms & Tots programme, etc

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