After-Care Enrichment Programme (ACE)



The ACE Programme serves some 20 vulnerable school children aged 7 – 14 years from the community immediately surrounding the Lebone Centre. Children are identified in consultation with the local schools and Child Welfare, and many of them are in foster homes.

The ACE children attend the Lebone Centre every weekday afternoon from 1.30 – 4.30pm, and receive a nutritious midday meal at the start of their programme.

The programme is a holistic one that addresses various aspects of the children’s development, i.e. their health and physical well-being, academic development, cultural and enrichment activities, and emotional well-being. This takes place inter alia through the Health Screening Initiative (run in conjunction with the Dept of Health and the local clinic), homework supervision, working on projects, a Nal’ibali reading club, music lessons with staff from the Kingswood Music School, and resilience and life skills programmes.

The children also attend activities at Kingswood College, such as a weekly session in the computer lab, as well as weekly swimming lessons with the Underwater Club at Rhodes University during summer. Care is taken to interact with and support the homes and families that these vulnerable children are drawn from.


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