Lebone Literacy Programme

The Lebone Literacy Programme is a comprehensive literacy outreach programme that consists of a range of initiatives that support children, parents and teachers in the promotion of children’s literacy development.


Project Read

This programme replicates the Wordworks and Shine methodologies from Cape Town in 4 sites (schools) surrounding the Lebone Centre, targeting Foundation Phase children from Grade R to Grade 3. A team of 40 – 50 volunteers work once a week with 2 children each on supporting the development of their reading and writing skills.


Classroom Libraries

Foundation Phase classrooms are equipped with reading corners that allow learners access to a range of books both within the classroom and as take-home reading. Teachers are trained in the implementation and management of the classroom libraries.


Parent Workshops

A series of workshops are held for the parents of Foundation Phase children in order to encourage and empower them to support their children’s literacy development in an informal way at home.


Nal’ibali Reading Clubs

The Lebone Literacy Programme works in partnership with the national Nal’ibali Reading for Enjoyment campaign through the implementation and support of reading clubs at 5 after-care centres and 3 local schools.


Book Distribution

The Lebone Centre acts as a de facto book depot where donations of books are received and distributed to schools and other NGOs as needed.




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