Staff & Management

The staff of the Lebone Centre is made up of the following:

Centre Manager – Anneliese Maritz – responsible for fundraising, compliance, strategic management, staff policy, and management of the programme co-ordinators
Lebone Literacy Programme Co-ordinator – Cathy Gush
ECD Programme Co-ordinator – Cherise Sickle
After-Care Enrichment (ACE) Housemother – Jenny Botha

ECD Practitioner – Ziyanda Mkalipi
ECD Practitioner – Anneline Sauls
Office Administrator & ACE Assistant – Natalie Cannon

Bookkeeper – Tracy Wilmot
Full-time volunteer – Sarah Williams General assistant – Anne Oerson
Social Worker – Amy Webster


The Board of Trustees for the ICDP Trust consists of the following members:
Chairman – Dr Barbara Matthews
Ms Dineo Matebese
Dr Colleen Vassilliou
Mr Mike Bandey
Prof Jean Baxen
Dr Fred Oosthuizen
Ms Diana Hornby
Ms San Koen
Mr Jon Trafford
Judge Clive Plaskett


From left to right: Cherise Sickle (ECD Coordinator), Natalie Cannon (Office Administrator & ACE Assistant), Anne Oerson (general assistant), Anneliese Maritz (Lebone Centre Manager), Cathy Gush (Literacy co-ordinator), Jenny Botha (ACE Housemother), Sarah Williams (full time volunteer), Amy Webster (social worker), Anneline Sauls, ECD Practitioners, Ziyanda Mkalipi (ECD Practitioner), Tracy Wilmot (bookkeeper).